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Terms & Conditions

My T&C's are described here. They should help us when we work together. Please note that sometimes a more extensive contract would be agreed. Yet, this page should give you a general idea of the terms between us.

Before the work starts

Before work commences, I will request full details of the size of the project and provide you with an estimated quote based on the information that you have provided. A submitted acceptance of this quote, together with your company name, address and contact details are required before any work begins. (See form below).

Quoted Price

Whilst I will always aim to invoice based on my estimated quote, sometimes the price may change. This is because it is common for clients to make changes to the original brief, or request additional features during the building process.

All requests for additional work or changes to the quoted specifications must be supplied in writing (for example, by email).

If you would like a fixed price, a full project specification will be required. This will require all website content to be provided and the functionality agreed.

Any quote provided will relate to my own work on a project. Occasionally I may be asked to liaise with a third party on your behalf. (Such as your old hosting company or domain registrant). If a third party requests payments, any costs that I incur will be added to your invoice.


An invoice will be sent to you via email which will include electronic fund transfer details. I do not accept cash or cheques.

  • A deposit of 25% of the initial project quote is required prior to the commencement of my work.
  • Full payment of the account balance is required prior to the website ‘going live’ on your domain.
  • Similarly, full payment is required before master artwork files are supplied to you or a website project is transferred to you.
  • Submitting your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions forms a binding contract, in the same way as your written signature. This will require you to fulfil all payment obligations outlined in deposit and final balance invoices.

Website Hosting / Annual Fees

Web hosting is payable yearly in advance. You must notify me at least 30 days prior to the anniversary date by email to cancel. No refunds can be given if a hosting plan is cancelled mid-term.

Domain Names

Domain names are purchased on your behalf for an initial 2 year period, but you will own the domain name.  After 2 years the domain registration will need to be renewed.  For domains registered on your behalf, Rugby Web Design will appear as the ‘Domain Registrant’, however, I will happily unlock the domain and allow you to transfer the domain elsewhere.

Non Payment

Web hosting and email accounts will be suspended 7 days after the invoice is due if payment has not been received. These can be restored on full payment of the invoice. After 30 days, any non-payment of funds will be handed to a commercial debt recovery agency, which will result in you also being liable to their costs.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

Thank you. Your written acceptance of the T&C's has been received.
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