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Quote Questionnaire

Thank you for your enquiry regarding a new website. By now you will have likely been provided with a ball-park figure of my prices.

Please take 10 minutes to answer this questionnaire. This will enable me to gain a better understanding of your project requirements and to provide you with an accurate quote.

If you would like to work with me, I will need to raise a 25% Deposit Invoice prior to starting any work.

My project quote and deposit invoice will be based on the information provided by you in the questionnaire below.

My role in your project

It is important to clarify what my role is (and isn’t).  I will design and build a fully functioning website built to the latest technical standards on the Webflow platform.

My work will include:

  • Building (developing) the website in Webflow, so that the website will display perfectly on all devices.
  • Formatting images, icons and logos for the website.
  • Populating CMS Databases (if applicable).
  • Search Engine Optimisation (including meta-descriptions, image-alt tags and Schema mark-up).
  • Setting up the website hosting and configuring DNS records.
  • Indexing Pages with Google.
  • Providing training for your editors.

Additional items charged separately:

Items listed below will need to be requested prior to the start of your website build and will affect the quoted price.

  • Designing the overall look and functionality of the website.
  • Writing your page content.
  • Proofreading your content.
  • Sourcing Images.
  • Re-writing your page content to aid search engine optimisation.
  • Re-writing your page content to improve visitor conversion rates.
  • Creating custom icons.

Website Size

The number (and type) of pages will have a big impact on the likely cost of your project.

The structure of a website and the hierarchy of pages is known as the Sitemap.

Please state how many STATIC pages your website is likely to have, static pages include Home, About, Services, Contact Us, Terms & Conditions etc.

Many websites are powered by a Content Management System (CMS). This is a database that stores the page information. Typically a CMS is used for Store Products, Blogs and Case Studies.

Please state how many CMS Collections you will require? (EG: if you need an online store, plus you would also like a blog, you will need 2 CMS collections).

If you have stated you require a CMS, please now provide the number of CMS items you would like me to upload for you. (EG: an item is a Blog Article or a Shop Product).

Once the website is 'live' you can add further items yourself.

Written Content

All of your page content should be supplied in full in an email or a document such as a Word document. I do not accept handwritten copy or screenshots. (Your text must be able to be copy/pasted).

Whilst I will always correct obvious spelling mistakes, proofreading is not a service I provide.

Please choose the option that best describes your page content.


Ideally, images should be your own.

Image Requirements:

  • Original image files, at least 3000px wide.
  • With the exception of face-shots, images should be taken ‘landscape’
  • They have been taken by the Client, or the Client will have obtained express permission from the image owner.
  • They must be a licenced (paid) image from a service such as Shutterstock.
  • They must have been sourced from a reputable Royalty-Free Image website.

Images not accepted:

  • Your images taken from a screenshot from your mobile. (Poor quality)
  • Your images taken from Facebook. (Poor quality).
  • Images taken from other websites, or images without provenance.

Please tick all that apply:

The Design

You can have almost any website design you desire!

I build websites from scratch, rather than using a theme or template-based platform. Please choose what type of design service you require.

If you have seen other websites you would like me to use as a style guide for your website, please provide details below.

Thank you! Your questionnaire has been received.
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